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Run for Africa is the official event for the Liberian Education Initiative: African School of the Future (LEI)
Support these future leaders of Liberia - Run for Africa

6 Reasons to Run for Africa

Improve Your Personal Health

You may already know the practical health benefits from exercise in general: weight lose, sleeping well, getting in shape, thinking faster, feeling fantastic, staying sharp, living longer, visiting the doctor less, improving self-esteem, and more. Studies have shown that running is the best exercise for obtaining all of the above; and doing a 5k run is the way to begin. Run for Africa's (RFA) 5k run will not only help you get started (or continue, if you're already a runner), we will be with you beyond race day. You might make new like-minded friends who will encourage and help you "learn the ninja way." - Still Running, page 117 - www.stillrunning.biz

Support Education in Africa

"Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the condition of all men (women), the balance-wheel of the social machinery." - STILL RUNNING, page 11. By running RFA's 5k race, you help build the Liberian Education Initiative: African School of the Future (LEI). The goal of the LEI is to develop a comprehensive model Christian school environment in Todee Distric, Liberia - including a medical clinic and sustainable development/renewable energy platform that equips students with a challenging integrated curriculum. Liberia is slowly emerging from a 14-year civil war (1989-2003) and the 2014 Ebola virus crises.

Join a Team for Africa

Whether you travel with us to Africa or not, your participation in RFA's 5k run enables you to join or support our Team for Africa, building the LEI school. Join or support a Team for Africa!

Help Break Intergenerational Poverty

"Deep, intergenerational poverty has become the Achilles heed of Africa, inner-city America, and for the matter the entire planet...how about finding a way to provide high-quality, free, kindergarten- through-college education to all young people regardless of economic status, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, or any other set-apart quality." - STILL RUNNING, pages 14,15. High quality formal education is our best chance of breaking intergenerational poverty; and you can help in a small way by participating in RFA's 5k run.

Have Fun and Meet New Friends

"It’s a theory of mine that running is “the anti-sport,” in that even on a team you do it alone, and you are your own greatest adversary. This makes it particularly well-suited to those who have a little social anxiety, or aren’t really great at making new friends. If you know me, you think I am not one of those people, but let me tell ya, sister, I’m just really good at faking it." - Cinnamon: 5 Way to Make New Friends at Your Next Marathon. Meet potential new friends at RFA 2015, May 16th in Philadelphia.

Start the Journey to a New You

Whether you have been dreaming about visiting Africa, becoming a life-long runner or simply turning over a new leave (You), RFA 2015 might be your chance to put legs on that dream. You will meet fellow dreamers and coaches at RFA 2015. Sign up!

Make Your Run for Africa Personal

Challenge yourself and have fun while helping others. Hover over an image to read more.

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    "Run, run, run! These are always fun :)"
    -Sarah R.
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    "I enjoy staying fit. Run for Africa is a great fitness goal while balancing work and family. "
    -Henry S.
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    "I run a lot, with RFA the people are nice and races are great."
    -Amanda K.
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    "I enjoy training for the race. It keeps me motivated and focused to improve."
    -James C.

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